Commanderie des Croyants

Discours Royal à l'occasion du 67-ème anniversaire de la Révolution du Roi et du Peuple

Various Provisions of the Mohammed VI Foundation of african oulema

CHAPTER VI:Various Provisions

Article 30:The Vice President shall submit to the President of the Foundation the activity report and the financial report as they have been approved by the Higher Council.

Article 31: Our Majesty shall appoint a committee in charge of the initial establishment of the Higher Council of the Foundation; it shall be composed, in addition to Our Minister of Habous and Islamic Affairs as President, of five members selected from among the persons recognized for their scientific achievements and their intellectual integrity.

Article 32:Pending the elaboration of the budget of the Foundation and its approval, the Minister of Habous and Islamic Affairs shall put at the disposal of the Foundation the necessary material and human means that will enable it to discharge its tasks.

Article 33:This Dahir bearing law shall be promulgated in the Official Gazette.


Given in Rabat on 7 Ramadan 1436 (June 24, 2015)


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