The Executive Bureau of Mohammed VI Foundation of African Oulema

 Article 19:The Executive Bureau shall perform the following tasks:

  • Take all the necessary measures to ensure the good functioning of the Foundation, work towards enhancing its performance and to monitor the follow-up of the implementation of its activities.
  • Set up projects and programs to be presented in the meetings of the Higher Council of the Foundation
  • Coordinate the work of the committees emanating from the Higher Council;
  • Examine the reports to be presented to the Higher Council, before submitting them to the latter for approval.

Article 20: The Executive Bureau shall consist, in addition to the Deputy President, in his capacity as President, of:

  • The Secretary General;
  • The chairpersons of the specialized standing committees;
  • The Financial director of the Foundation.

The Executive Bureau can invite to its meetings, any member of the Higher Council or any person that is not a member and whose expertise it deems useful.

Article 21:The Executive Bureau shall meet upon the invitation of its president at least once every two months and whenever it is necessary.

Article 22:The meetings of the Executive Bureau shall be valid when at least one quarter of its members are present. It makes its decisions incompliance with the terms of Article 16 below. 


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