Commanderie des Croyants

Discours Royal à l'occasion du 67-ème anniversaire de la Révolution du Roi et du Peuple

Membership in the Mohammed VI Foundation of african oulema

CHAPTER III:Membership in the Foundation

Article 5:Membership shall be granted by the President of the Foundation, either upon his own initiative or upon the recommendation of the higher council provided for in Article 11 below, to Moroccan personalities or those from one of the African States, famed for their scientific visibility and erudition in the field of Islamic sciences. 

Article 6:The Foundation members commit to working towards achieving its objectives by the means of, and in conformity with the terms set by,the deliberative bodies.

Article 7:Membership in the Foundation may be lost through dismissal, resignation or death.

Article 8:Dismissal is pronounced in the case of a member’s failure to comply with the statutes of the Foundation, or if he commits an infamous act or adopts an attitude that constitutes an affront to the constant values which the Foundation strives to consolidate. 

Article 9:The dismissal decision shall be pronounced by the HigherCouncil afterhearing the member’s explanations concerning the charges leveled against him. 

Article 10:The member may resign from the Foundation, after he has honored his commitments vis-à-vis the latter, and after he has notified the Foundation’s VicePresident mentioned in Article 11 below.

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