Commanderie des Croyants

Discours Royal à l'occasion du 67-ème anniversaire de la Révolution du Roi et du Peuple

General Provisions of the Mohammed VI Foundation of african oulema


CHAPTER I: General provisions

Article 1:It is, hereby, established under the honorary presidency of our Sharifian Majesty a non-profit foundation, with legal entity and financial autonomy, named “Mohammed VI Foundation of African Oulema”, hereinafter referred to as the Foundation.

Article 2:The Foundation shall be located in Rabat in the Kingdom of Morocco.

Branches of the Foundation may be set up by Dahir in other African States in strict compliance with the laws and regulations in force in these States.

Article 3:The Foundation shall be subjected to the provisions of this Dahir, which constitutes its statutes, and shall have the character of public utility.

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