Commanderie des Croyants

SM le Roi, Amir Al-Mouminine, accomplit la prière de l'Aïd Al-Fitr

Financial Organization of the Mohammed VI Foundation of african oulema

CHAPTER V:Financial Organization

Article 26:The Budget of the Foundation consists of:


  • State contributions;
  • Subsidies allocated to the Foundation by public and private organizations, national, foreign and international;
  • Products from properties given as Habous to the Foundation;
  • Gifts and bequests;
  • Products from the estates of the Foundation;
  • Various resources.


  • Operational expenses;
  • Equipment expenditure;
  • Various expenditures.

Article 27:The Vice President signs jointly with the FinancialDirector all the documents pertaining to the collection of revenues and the payment orders.

Article 28:The Foundation shall benefit from the advantages and privileges granted to the associations of public utility and shall be subjected to the same obligations applicable to them.  

Article 29: The Foundation shall keep its books in a way that allows it to determine its financial situation. It shall also submit its books to an auditor listed on the certified accountants to assess the accuracy of its accounts. 

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